2016_12_04 U16 Boys and Girls NCL Tournament in SSLC

2016_12_04 U16 Boys and Girls NCL Tournament
SSLC, Surrey, BC

Photos of Pacific Storm NCL U16 Boys and U16 Girls taken in on Dec 4th 2016 in Surrey Sports & Leisure Centre.

Photos are cropped full resolution JPEG stored on OneDrive location indicated below. You can use the OneDrive webpage download functions to either download individual photos or multiple folders at a time by clicking on the “Download” menu item on the OneDrive webpage. If folders are selected for download, OneDrive will put all photos in the folder in a single zip file that you can then easily unzip on your PC for storage or printing.

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U16 Girls - Pacific Storm vs Edmonton Thunderbirds
U16 Boys - Pacific Storm vs Saskatchewan

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Photos copyright 2016 SauTsien Lim (sautsienlim@yahoo.com)

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